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Cell change color based date

The Conditional Formatting dialog box.
Register To Reply, 03:24 AM #4 Re: Changing cell background color based on date Can you upload example?
Sharon Parq Associates, a computer and publishing services company.
Learn more about Allen.Make sure the hamilton mountain escorts Patterns tab is selected.I need for all cells B5:H13 to respond to the date set.Set Condition 1 so that Cell Value Is Equal To today.Attached Files Register To Reply, 06:03 AM #6 Re: Changing cell background color based on date Something like this?"RRP333" wrote: Dear Experts, I would like my users to be able to input a date in a cell, then Excel automatically calculates the elapsed duration in days from the inputted date to today's date, and changes the color of the cell to one.I assume, since you are interested in differences centre de prostitution of 10 and 20 days, that you want actual differences, which are 31 and 28 days, respectively.Perhaps as the worksheet grows, I wonder if code may be more appropriate rather than entering/maintaining all the CFs.Excel Forum totaly rocks!Excel displays the Format Cells dialog box.
I now can apply that for other future opportunities.
For instance, let's assume that you want to apply the conditional formatting to cell.
Register To Reply, 03:05 PM #3 Re: Changing cell background color based on date Thanks for the response zbor : I highlited the cells I need to change color on, went to CF and entered formula you sent, and I can't get a respose to changes.
If you copy formatting from one cell to another, the conditional formatting is copied, too.
Choose the green color you want to use and close the Format Cells dialog box.
Attached Files Register To Reply, 06:48 AM #7 Re: Changing cell background color based on date Hello zbor : thanks for the resonse.
In other words, if the date is today then all three of the tests would have been met so you have to be careful of the order in order to get the result you need.As you suspect, you don't need an extra column for this, you can use a formula in the conditional formatting, AND you definitely don't want to use the days360 function to calculate the difference between two dates.Hello again, I've been out for a few days and just now had a chance to get back on this.Register To Reply, 03:56 AM #8 Re: Changing cell background color based on date If you want to refer to just one cell and not to firt date in a row then you need to change from B5 today 30 to B 5 today 30 and.Click Format, and set the pattern to orange.You need 3 conditional formatting formulas, applied in this order B4-today 30 B4-today 20 B4-today 10 On Tue, 18:07:04 -0800, RRP333 wrote: Hi Moo, Thank you for quick reply.The worksheet will include cells in which the user can enter the desired threshold durations that are to apply to a column of dates, as the threshold durations will vary from column to column (each column represents a different business task or business group).Click Format, and set the pattern to RED.Choose the yellow color you want to use and close the Format Cells dialog box.I've attached a workbook to better show what I'm trying to occomplish.Your explanation of the algorithms behind days 360 is also very good.