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Respondent answers with two arguments as to linus libertine why the Circuit Court did not exceed the scope of its review in considering the contention that the payment of a fine in Delaware is not a conviction under Delaware law.The 10 court entered a written order the following day reversing the ALJs conclusion that Respondent was in violation of TR 16-213(c 2) and the ALJs decision to issue a reprimand.The MVA argues that it recorded a conviction on Respondents driving record in response to Delawares report of a conviction, as the Compact requires.Sassafras was imported from the colonies; it did not grow in Europe.He asserts that the MVA erred in recording a conviction where there was not one.Sassafras root contains an essential oil called safrole which imparts that characteristic licorice flavor.Accordingly, the MVA sent to Respondent a notice that it would be suspending his provisional license for 30 days.The MVA asserted that the proper place for Respondent to challenge the report of convictionand, specifically, to litigate whether a fine constitutes a conviction under the law of the reporting stateis in the reporting state, not at a license suspension hearing in the recording state.Pension Sys., 420.
The MVA further maintained that, in any event, the payment of a fine is a conviction under Maryland and Delaware law and there was sufficient evidence before the ALJ for him to conclude that Respondent had two moving violations on his Maryland driving record.
It is the second of those moving violations that is the subject of the parties dispute.
He was told by a representative of the MVA that he would have to wait until 18 months from the date of the Delaware conviction to do so, under TR 16-111(d 1 ii).He paid the fine associated with the ticket; the matter was not adjudicated in court.11- Specifically, Respondent argues that his payment of the fine for a speeding ticket is not a conviction under the Compact, for the reason that it is not a conviction under Delaware law.Finally, the provisional license holder may obtain a full drivers license, which grants unrestricted driving privileges, after holding the provisional license for 18 months without being convicted of a moving violation.I examined three sources, all of which offer different ingredients.The penalty for a violation of TR 16-213 is at the discretion of the MVA: The Administration.As to the penalty, in an exercise of his discretion, the ALJ issued a reprimand, rather than the 30-day suspension permitted by statute.Of a license that is required by statute or constitution to be determined only after an opportunity for an agency hearing. William H Pyne (1769-1843) was commissioned to write and illustrate the book by the publisher, William Miller.

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